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Top Banana 6 E's
Top Banana 6 E's

“Nothing happens in any business until something is sold.”

Every day you are selling something, whether it is yourself, an idea, a product or a service. Selling can be a bit of a dirty word for some people but taking a long hard look at how you sell has a big impact on your overall success. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • does your business use a transactional or consultative sales strategy?
  • what components make up this strategy?
  • what are the skills needed to maximise the potential of this strategy?

We create Sales and Negotiation skills programmes bespoke to your business.

Because of that we need to understand your objectives for investing in this kind of course before we know what differences you need to see for the future. Our programme offering covers all aspects of B2B needs and are written with consideration to your sales goals and strategy. 

Courses we have written for clients are listed below, these are an idea of the subjects we have covered with clients and have made a measurable difference to their people and business’, whilst increasing their sales and profit margins.

  • A Bright Start to Successful Selling
  • Territory and Time Planning
  • Maximising Customer Potential
  • Key Account Management
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Top Sales Professional
  • Effective Telesales
  • Breakthrough to Peak Performance
  • Customer Service That Adds Value
  • Exhibition Skills
  • Retail Selling