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Top Banana 6 E's
Top Banana 6 E's


Awards Recognition Event - Top Banana

A popular way to motivate people and add value to your business is to recognise what it is that makes the business succeed. It always comes back to your people. To invest in your people pays for itself many times over and if it is done correctly it inspires people to want to be successful.

We have devised a wide range of recognition event styles and when choosing the right one for your people and company we take into account how the event will involve the people who are attending and meet the objectives set for the event.

Styles include:

  • Formal awards evening.
  • ‘Night at the Oscars’.
  • ‘Grammy Awards’.
  • ‘BAFTAs’ evening.
  • Complimentary to the theme of your conference.

It is essential to set the scene and this starts with how the invites look, and deciding on the dress code and theme.

  • Black tie and best dress,
  • Lounge suit and cocktail dress.

We dress the room accordingly to create the WOW factor and support this with the right music, stage, set and lighting.

These events when done correctly become something people talk about for a long time after and they create something to look forward to for the future.

If people are a businesses greatest asset, recognise and reward them and they will recognise and reward your business.