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Top Banana 6 E's

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom; mastering others is true strength; mastering yourself is true power” 
        – Lao Tze

Personal Profile Analysis System (PPA)

If you could select the right people more accurately and allocate them to precisely the right tasks, would it help you and your business?

Of course it would.

Our unique work place inventory and can be used in virtually every aspect of human relations within the work environment. We analyse people and their ability to do their job. We also help you define the skills and type of person who would be ideal within specific roles.

There are various different assessments and forms that can be completed which enable you to find the best fit for roles within your organisation. Below are some example of the reports available: 

Personal Profile Analysis Report:

- Assesses the person.
- Identifies frustrations and stresses.
- Details motivators and fears.
- Takes less than 10 minutes to complete.
- Has both software and manual interpretation.

How to Manage People:

It explains what form of supervision is most likely to be effective in terms of -
- motivation;
- communication;
- support;
- delegation;
- disciplining.

Team Analysis:

- Allows an organisation to identify the ideal team culture.
- Assesses an actual team culture and promotes a gap analysis in terms of behavioural and role fit shortfall.
- It also assesses every team member against the team culture.

Banana Facts

The word banana is derived from the Arabic meaning ‘finger’.